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Name: Melanie
Location: Narellan Vale

With the rising cost of living we wondered how we could reduce our electricity bill and have our home cool as well. We had air conditioning that was very costly to run and heard about evaporative cooling. We were told by some air conditioning dealers that evaporative cooling will not work in Sydney due to the humidity level being too high. Rim Air convinced us that it would defiantly work and was happy to let us see it in their own home.
We decided perhaps it was worth it with a long hot summer in store, and couldn´t be more pleased!
The dealer spent a good hour sitting with us, describing the pros and cons of different options; we were able to make our decision therefore based on full knowledge of our options and confidence in the dealers recommendation to go with Braemar. In the end, we went with the most affordable, environmentally friendly product and the best service.
As I write this it is 42 degrees outside and a comfortable 23 degrees inside. A lovely cool breeze is flowing through our home
We couldn´t be happier.

About Rim Air

Registered, Licenced Air Conditioning Family Business trading as Rim Air Conditioning Services and are situated at Narellan Vale.
With over 25 years experience in the trade, for Installations of ducted systems varying from Daikin, Mitsubishi, to Split Systems and supply & installation of ducted gas heating systems. Specialising in  sales, installations and we now specialise in Natural Cooling a much more cheaper alternative compared to the running costs of Air Conditioning.

With travelling to the South East, West or to the Southern Highlands. Our work is performed with the utmost Professionalism, Quality and Integrity. All of our staff have excellent experience in the trade and no shortcuts will be tolerated.

In consideration to our customers our prices are kept to a reasonable cost for the average family to be able to afford this luxury. Our work currently consists of many Residential homes ranging from small homes to very large homes, with the inclusion of many small commercial projects.

The person who quotes the job does the job and no job is too big or too small for us.
Our staff have been and are involved with Building sites have been trained in Site Specific Safety Plans especially for OHS responsibilities and currently hold their Green Card.

We were involved in the air conditioning of Kirribilli House and we were advised by his staff that Ex - Prime Minister John Howard was very impressed with the work that was carried out.