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Name: Simon
Location: Woolongong

I sourced several quotes before deciding on ducted gas heating option for my home. I was told my some that I had a tricky installation, but it seemed pretty straight forward to me. I live in a two story house. I required the heater to be installed in the roof with an internal dropper duct feeding air to the ground floor. Two other companies baulked at the project. Both said they couldn´t make the system work for me. One didn´t bother to quote, the other botched their quote. At the end of the day I realised that a little extra thought was all that was needed to make this system work, something that seemed all too hard for those other companies, but not Rim Air. Rim Air was the only company who took the time to analyse the project and devise a system that would work for my situation. True to their word, they arrived on the agreed date and immediately commenced work. I was impressed that they laid drop sheets to capture the gyprock dust and even more impressed that they progressively cleaned up after themselves as they went. A minor change to the design of the ducting became apparent on day one and this was handled efficiently. New ducting hardware turned up the next morning in readiness for the second day´s work. My request to have the ´Return Air Grille´ placed up high, inside a skylight, was again no problem for Rim Air, even though this required considerable extra effort in order to do so.

Ross and his team are very polite, considerate and hardworking and I have no hesitation in recommending Rim Air to anyone seeking the services of an air conditioning installer.


Braemar - THM Heating Range.

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* Australia´s most energy efficient gas heating system.
* World´s first 6 star gas heater.
* Regulate the temperature and fan speed throughout your home with up to four different temperature zones.
Braemar - LCB Evaporative cooling Range.

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Why evaporative air conditioning?

- Delivers 100% fresh air
- Windows and doors can be left open
- Greatly reduces costs of staying cool
- Enables lower purchase and installation costs
- Guarantees fresh, natural, healthy “lifestyle” cooling
- Allergy free, asthma-safe environment*
- Replaces all of the air approximately every two minutes
- Ensures full ventilation – drives out odours and stale air
- Never dries out the eyes and skin, or even indoor plants
Breezair - EXH Evaporative Cooling Range.

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