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Name: Melanie
Location: Narellan Vale

With the rising cost of living we wondered how we could reduce our electricity bill and have our home cool as well. We had air conditioning that was very costly to run and heard about evaporative cooling. We were told by some air conditioning dealers that evaporative cooling will not work in Sydney due to the humidity level being too high. Rim Air convinced us that it would defiantly work and was happy to let us see it in their own home.
We decided perhaps it was worth it with a long hot summer in store, and couldn´t be more pleased!
The dealer spent a good hour sitting with us, describing the pros and cons of different options; we were able to make our decision therefore based on full knowledge of our options and confidence in the dealers recommendation to go with Braemar. In the end, we went with the most affordable, environmentally friendly product and the best service.
As I write this it is 42 degrees outside and a comfortable 23 degrees inside. A lovely cool breeze is flowing through our home
We couldn´t be happier.


Braemar - THM Heating Range.

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* Australia´s most energy efficient gas heating system.
* World´s first 6 star gas heater.
* Regulate the temperature and fan speed throughout your home with up to four different temperature zones.
Braemar - LCB Evaporative cooling Range.

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Why evaporative air conditioning?

- Delivers 100% fresh air
- Windows and doors can be left open
- Greatly reduces costs of staying cool
- Enables lower purchase and installation costs
- Guarantees fresh, natural, healthy “lifestyle” cooling
- Allergy free, asthma-safe environment*
- Replaces all of the air approximately every two minutes
- Ensures full ventilation – drives out odours and stale air
- Never dries out the eyes and skin, or even indoor plants
Breezair - EXH Evaporative Cooling Range.

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